Vegas Drift round 2 at Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix

After a long 6 hours we made it to Wild Horse Racetrack in Phoenix. Drivers came from California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, and even Hawaii to compete in Vegas Drift round 2. Drivers meetings were short in favor of more seat time, With so many out of town drivers seat time became the most important issue to drivers as they tried to find their lines.

After 3 hours qualifying started picking out the top 16 that would battle in the desert.


You will have to forgive me but I was rolling video during the top 16.


Congratulations to your top 3 from round 2, #3 Spike Chen, #2 Mauricio Ornelas, and #1 Brandon Patterson

_MG_9135small _MG_9134small _MG_9117small _MG_9157smallCheck out all the pictures from Round 2 in the gallery below, and be sure to check out the video.


(video placeholder)



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