Vegas Drift Round 1


Vegas Drift Round 1

Vegas drift round 1 was held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with Import Faceoff. The event had more than 30 drivers show up looking to start the season off strong.

Import Faceoff took place on the drag strip, fans made their way over to the parking lot to check out the tire smoke and watch drivers drag the walls.

Drivers put on a great show for the fans, using the tight course they maintained close proximity, showing how exciting drifting can be.

Qualifying was very close, involving at least 4 ties; competitors included former Formula Drift Pro2 drivers. with so much on the line drivers put it all on the line.

  1. Adam Knapik #151IMG_2772small

  2. Andy Hateley #12IMG_2582small

  3. Traverse Hilsabeck #702IMG_2779

  4. Bear Rzesnowiecky #95IMG_2585

  5. George Kirakopoulos #219IMG_2707small

  6. Seth Wright #777IMG_2614small

  7. Mark Sanchez #10IMG_2661

  8. Zach MacGilivray #13IMG_2782small

  9. Blake Olsen #53IMG_2669small

  10. Matt Haugen #92IMG_2607

  11. Kasey King #8IMG_3017

  12. Preston Watson #9IMG_2593

  13. Dino Child #999IMG_2673

  14. Chris Ragan #4IMG_2660

  15. Josh Weaver #7IMG_3021small

  16. Andrew Schulte #11IMG_2621small

Congratulations to the winners

#1 Andy Hateley

#2 Blake Olsen

#3 George Kirakopoulos


Check out all the pictures in the gallery ————->

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