Top Drift Round 3

Waking up at 5 AM we headed out for willow still groggy from the Colorado flight the night before. Arriving at the track we saw a banked dirt oval with a small paved oval in the middle. As soon as we head about the oval track we had mixed feeling.

But this track was the best all season for the RePlay cameras, with the oval we got 2 chance to get the cars perfectly in frame off the rear passenger corner.
Sequence 05.Still009ScrSht

Sequence 05.Still005ScrSht

Sequence 05.Still002ScrSht

This was truly some of the best RePlay video I have seen to date.

(video holder)

Drivers had been practicing since saturday and had the track layout sorted out, the drivers meeting was more technicial questions about lines and throttle control.



After a lengthy meeting drivers headed out for a final practice session.



As the temperature passed 100′ qualifying started. With Matt Madrigali qualifying first

1     11          MATT MADRIGALI
2     222       JOE TARDIFF
3     34         DAN BURKETT
4     888      SPIKE CHEN
5     17         ALEX HEILBRUNN
6     53         BLAKE OLSEN
7     418       DONOVAN BROCKWAY
8     227      AARON SLY
9     999      BRANDON CONTRERAS
10    607    JEFF GROFF
11    110      TIM COBB
12    42       ROB WEBBER
13    37        KENNY CHIEU
15    609     CODY SAREM
16    18        JASON KIM

Here is a sample of the top 16 battles




The final battle saw some of the closest door to door action with #1 Matt Madrigali taking on #3 Rad Dan Burkett.



Sequence 05.Still005ScrSht

When the smoke had cleared Rad Dan had claimed the championship
_MG_6701JD3Podium Finishers

1st- Rad Dan Burkett
2nd- Matt Madrigali
3rd- Jeff Groff


Alex Heilbrunn got the sickest entry with a prize of $250

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