Thursday Night Drift

Thursday Night Drift Irwindale California
Hosted by Formula Drift and Irwindale Event Center

lr-6364Formula Drift and the Irwindale Event Center started hosting Thursday night drifts more than a year ago. Once a month drifters are welcomed to run the ‘House of Drift’ for just $75.

lr-6321Andy Luk, Formula Drift Director of Operations

After the ‘canyon idiots’ we felt like we had to bring a venue that was safe for people to drift. ‘FD’ doesn’t make any money holding these events, we host this to help drivers get better and get ready for ProAm.

This is the only track we currently hold events like this. We have a great relationship with the Irwindale Event Center, and they were willing to help with the cost to promote safety.

Whats great about this is we have a tech inspection that gets drivers prepared, and drivers can ask us questions about their car prep; its all about improving the drivers.


We have a lot of rookie drivers with stock cars, they meet people like Dan Burkett, and Alex Heilbrunn, who can help them with their driving. There is no better way to learn than to see the line a pro driver takes, try to mimic it, and talk to the driver right after your run.

There is no other way to meet some of these people, during a Pro FD event the drivers have to focus on driving, sponsors, autographs, competition, and more. When Pro and rookie drivers come out here, they are all out here for the fun and community; and they have to the time to talk to people.


Rad Dan Burkett Formula Drift Pro2 driver

We came out just to get some practice in. Pro2 won’t be running this track, but it’s still a fun track. This is one of the only tracks that has the high-speed wall that’s fun to get next to.

Its a high-speed track, if your doing good here you know that your going to be doing good at the other FD tracks.

lr-6218Tony Rouzeau, Drifter

This was the first time that I have drifted this track; I feel like each pass I made I was getting better.

I drove 2 hours to get out here, if you’re just sitting at home you are definitely missing out!

lr-6248Dan Montell, Drifter

I came out for the friends and community. Coming out the track really improves my driving, and its way better and safer than doing it on the streets. You get to see people who are better than you and use them as an example.

Everyone is friendly and approachable, this is a great environment to learn in.

Alex Heilbrunn, Formula Drift Pro Driver

We came out just to stay busy in between rounds. We are also fine tuning some changes that we made to the car. This track is one of a kind for getting up to speed and pushing the car.


lr-6254Rafael, Drifter

I’ve watched for the last five events and today I wanted to try it. So we welded the diff today and said lets give it a try.  I have only had the car for about 2 months and this is the first time I have tried to drift it.

I’m here to push it and see what I can do, I feel like I have improved for when I first started today but I still have a lot to learn.

Rad Dan hits the tire barrier

We bent the door pretty bad and the side skirt, it’s just body work, then i’ll check it on the lift and see if there is anything else.

We drove on some worn out tries from the last event, but it was still a fun event.

lr-6226Raz Naor, Just Drift Limited and ProAm driver

This is the first time driving this track, it was an awesome track layout. The track kinda builds up as your skill level does. It’s a great time, you get to drive with people that you don’t normally get to drive with. You can see what the FD drivers are doing and try to mimic them.

This is a great opportunity to push the car, the worst that will happen is that you will hit some cones. A lot of people try drifting once in a canyon or an off-ramp and they end up flipping the car and they never want to try it again. This is the right way to do it where there are safety crews and  a safe place to slide the car.

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