Thunder on the Lot 2014

Thunder on the Lot started as a Harley motorcycle show 20 years ago. For 20 years TOTL had been donating to children’s charities with the theme ‘it shouldn’t hurt to be a child’ This year they reached a total of 3 million dollars donated.
Elements have been added every year to this great event that now include drifting, car shows, burnouts, stunt bikes and mudding, as well as the classic motorcycle gathering.



With a tight course and lots of track time drivers came out for a fun drift show case and the chance to smash in some doors. Pro drivers like Michael Essa and Matt Powers came out to trade paint with the local drifters. Ever popular party trains started up, as many as 7 cars on the track at a time.

_MG_3895TOTL _MG_3917TOTL _MG_3842TOTL _MG_3928TOTL

Car show

There was a huge varity of cars on showcase, from Rat Rods to Honda’s and everything in-between.

_MG_4105TOTL _MG_4086TOTL _MG_4084TOTL _MG_4078TOTL _MG_4080TOTL _MG_4089TOTL _MG_4093TOTL

Stunt Bikes

Very talented local riders demonstrated their control and balance on 2 wheel and most the time 1.

_MG_3951TOTL _MG_3954TOTL _MG_3985TOTL _MG_3957TOTL _MG_3989TOTL


I have no idea what this is, or what the point is, but man it looks like fun!

_MG_4131TOTL _MG_4121TOTL _MG_4118TOTL

Burn Out Contest

fairly self explanitory:

_MG_4066TOTL _MG_4057TOTL _MG_4035TOTL _MG_4017TOTL

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