60th Annual HCCA Motor Excursion

So Cal Horseless Carriage Club Motor Excursion from Irwindale Event Center More than 300 cars […]

Dubfest Car show 2015

Started in 1999, Dubfest was created to gauge public reaction and support for an exclusive […]

Golden Gate Drift Round 5

Golden Gate Drift Round 5 was held at Thunder Hill Raceway in northern California. A […]

2015 Rockabilly Extravaganza

Had a blast, show got a little cold for CA standards but the bands kept […]

Track safety and responsibility

Last week at Sonoma Raceway in California drifter Joe Tardiff was involved in a serious […]

LA Auto Show 2015

Founded in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show), is one of the […]

All Star Bash 2015

All Star Bash 2015 The end of the Formula Drift season was celebrated by a […]

FD Irwindale Pro2

Formula Drift Pro2 ‘The Final Fight’ As the 2015 season wrapped up the champion was […]

Alex Heilbrunn wins Formula D Pro2 championship

As the first year of Formula Drift Pro2 wraps up at Irwindale. Driver and champion […]

Formula Drift Final Fight

Formula Drift Round 7 The Final Fight at Irwindale Event Center This Might have been […]