Nissan Jam 2016

Nissan Jam 2016

lr-5073Great turn out, with perfect weather. With clouds and cool weather fans took the time to walk around and chat with owners. This event pulled out some amazing cars. Here are a few that we noticed, Had a chance to talk to a few of the owners.

lr-5026Datsun 1970 521 pickup,

This beautiful truck is a full frame up restoration taking more than 3 years. Owner Daniel has had the truck for 6 years, he tried to keep the truck as stock as possible, only the tail lights are aftermarket. The car has been on the show circuit for the last 2 years.


lr-4996Datsun 1970 510

Features an airbag suspension, a KA24DE engine, and our favorite paint from the show.


lr-49291968 Datsun 2000 Roadster

The engine is a SR20 swap, with larger injectors and an upgraded turbo. The interior features a custom interior, with white faced gauges, a 25 gallon fuel cell, and a 2000 watt sound system. The exterior was not let out with custom molded Celicia mirrors, fender flares pulled from the body it self.




lr-49691991 Nissan NX2000

Owner Jun has had the car for more than 25 years, this car is a rarity in the modified world because it features the originals owner, motor, interior, and paint color. He use to daily it but now tries to baby the car as much as he can.

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