Labor Day Cruise

The 32nd annual Labor Day cruise was held this weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The 3 day event was described as a ‘Family affair, and a labor of love’. ‘There has been a changing of the guard during the 32 year history’. The event seems to be going strong as more than 1,000 classic cars gathered over the 3 day event.


Cruisers navigated the 1.25 mile cruise route, this event allows drivers non-stop cruising around vendor and RV’s. While some walked around to admire cars, others set up in the shade with a drink and let the cars come to them.

When I first made it out to the Fairgrounds I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the level of hospitality was amazing. Everywhere drivers were saying hello and smiling as they made their way around the loop.
The quality of the cars was unbelievable, the paint and pin-striping was just incredible, you are never able to see this many quality cars in one location except at the Labor Day Cruise.

I was able to find some new dream cars while I watched the art work roll by. These cars are just beautiful and I cant imagine how much time and energy has gone in to cleaning and restoring these classics.

Most of what we cover on this site are imports, drifters and modern cars. When you come to a show like this and talk to some of the older generation I am reminded that Classic Cruisers and Import Tuners are the same.
Back when this generation was in their early 20’s they did the same stupid stuff that modern kids do, and the police chased them around the same way Imports are chased out of meet spots. I just hope that in 20-30 years the import community will be as friendly and tight knit as this event was. I look forward to attending a cruise meet in my Honda.

Check out all the pictures below, Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and I will be at all 3 days of this great event next year!


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