IDRC West Coast Nationals


IMG_1208Import Drag Racing Circuit

West Coast Nationals

hosted by DSPORT Magazine

IMG_1217 IMG_1246 IMG_1062 IMG_0992 IMG_0943 IMG_0962The day was full of wild weather, dark clouds in the morning scared off a few drivers but the rain held off most of the day. In the afternoon we got some awesome broken clouds and it started to get a little hot under the direct sun and blue sky’s. Ultimately the race was called around 4PM due to a full storm hitting the race track.

IMG_1025 IMG_1037 IMG_1119 IMG_1108 IMG_1189 IMG_1248 IMG_1010For a few hours the AAA Dragstrip was filled with smoke and high revving import motors. Drivers were under the 10’s with a few breaking into the 8 second territory.  Amazing to see how the sport and the field has advanced in just a few years.

IMG_1249 IMG_0953 IMG_0935

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