Golden Gate Drift Round 5


Golden Gate Drift Round 5 was held at Thunder Hill Raceway in northern California. A few of us decided to make the drive up to check out the last event of the season. This track is incredible, the rolling hills seem built just for this track.
IMG_5964This would also be the conclusion of the 2015 season, Matt Madrigalli was already in first but 2nd and 3rd were up for grabs.

IMG_5971smallRound 5 came just a few days after a large accident involving 2 local drivers, Chris Mills and Joe Tardiff. While Joe couldn’t be here everyone was thinking about him, and even signed a picture for him.

IMG_5660Waiting for the drivers meeting crews prepared the cars for the open track session. Drivers were allowed to run the whole course in the morning before competition started.






IMG_5703smallLots more pictures on the next page

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