Formula Drift Texas Round 7

Formula Drift Texas Round 7 of 8

Coming into round 7 just 15 points seperated the 3 leaders Chris Forsberg (419), Fredric Aasbo (414), and Vaugh Gittin JR (404). Texas was set up to be a make or break track for many drivers.

Most of the field had see battle on this track last year, including Vaughn Gittin who suffered a huge wreck into the wall at outside zone 3.  Vaughn talked to us about what it meant to come back to Texas and run the wall again.

“When it counted I knew that I had to go hard, I knew that I had to get that monkey off my back, and just went as hard as I possible could. Flicked it up on the wall and ended up qualifying first.”


Drivers got time on the course between Pro2 practice and qualifying. Many teams took advantage of the ‘Big Hoss’ TV to keep an eye on their drivers from the pits. Most drivers had cool suits on and seemed to have learned from the extreme heat of last year.

1-8718The drivers autograph session is a great place for fans, and even the heat did not deter these die hard fans.

Saturday brought full crowds and calmer weather.


1-88831-12The top 16 battles were laced with surprises and upsets.

Vaugh Gittin JR (1) VS Matt Field (16)

Matt held amazing proximity to Vaughn, but when the drivers switched Vaughn missed a gear at the wall causing him to spin giving Matt the win.


Matt Field


1-9102As the night went on, track officials kept busy repairing the course. With the high speeds the drivers are required to maintain clipping points fly all over the track.


Matt Field (16) VS Kristaps Bluss (20)

Kristaps got lost in the smoking coming out of zone 1 headed for the power alley. Staying in the power off course Kristaps showed his commitment as his chase run was more rally cross than drifting.

1-9263 1-9303Chris Forsberg (6) VS Alec Hohnadell (18)

Alec really kept the pressure on Chris all thorough his chase run, switching places it looked like it was an easy battle for Alec. Unfortunately for the young driver his car had serious problems and he shot off course before zone 3 giving Chris the win.

1-9330 1-9314In the final battle Chris Forsberg (6) took on Matt Field (16).

Matt continued his amazing rise to the top, he never let Chris get any type of gap during the whole run. When the drivers switched Chris knew he had to go all out to have any chance of stopping Matt. In zone 1 Chris went hard and tried to keep the proximity on Matt, but was unable to hold the angle and spun out.

Matt Field got his first ever number 1 podium.


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