Formula Drift Orlando Round 3


Formula Drift Orlando

lr-6773Round 3

Orlando Speed World

This event was HOT.  The intense heat and humidity was hard on the drivers and crews, but the fans were not detoured. Saturday saw record numbers as fans brought out tents and easy-ups to shelter from the sun.

7K2A6778.00_00_23_35.Still001 The banks at Orlando Speed World gave some great battles and gave everyone lessons in suspension set up. many drivers making the transition from the bank into the inner power ally were on 3 wheels.

lr-5511The other problem at the bank transition was the impact on the tires. Jeff Jones, ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett, and Justin Pawlak all had problems with tire pressure and keeping the tires on the rims.

7K2A6778.00_00_23_52.Still003In other tires news Chelsea Denofa was disqualified from the top 32 after qualifying in 16th place.

It was discovered that a chemical adhesive was used to bond the tire to the wheel.  Additional aids, such as chemical adhesives used to prevent the tire from debeading allows teams to run tire pressures lower than those that do not use additional aids, which is specifically in violation of Section 3.6.  Denofa will still receive qualifying points but will not receive any head-to-head competition points for this Round.



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