Formula Drift Atlanta Round 2


Formula Drift Round 2
Road Atlanta

FDATL BRoll.00_14_28_12.Still003Watching this event on the live stream dose not do it justice. There is no way you can see the true elevation changes that the drivers have to fight with on TV. Walking all over this track really gives you an appreciation for golf carts, and the beauty of Georgia.

Drivers use the full power of their cars to get deep into the zones at the top of hill, as they enter the ‘key hole’ proximity closes and makes for some great shots.


After Thursday and Friday practice the top 32 was sorted out. Top 32 had some major upsets with all 3 podium finishers in Long Beach knocked out. Denofa had some great runs during practice but dirt dropped to Moen, Aasbo lost to another blown motor, and Essa took out Gushi with a huge show of smoke.

FDATL BRoll.00_17_42_15.Still002

With the top 16 sorted out the light fell and the fans moved in. Atlanta fans have to be some of the most energetic FD fans that I have ever seen.  After a great Air Force drill team demonstration the races got started.

When the smoke cleared

1. Vaughn Gittin
2. Dai Yoshihara
3. Chris Forsberg

IMG_4508smallFull Gallery

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