Formula Drift Atlanta Pro2 Round 1


Formula Drift Pro2 Round 1

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22 drivers made the commitment to run the first round of Pro2 in Atlanta. Teams came from all over the country to pursue the championship, and an FD license.

Thursday practice gave the Pro2 drivers extra time on the track to get a feel for the big elevation changes on Road Atlanta. Clouds opened up and gave the drivers a new element to compete with.

Friday saw perfect conditions, warm track and tons of tire smoke for practice. These rookie drivers seemed like they were ready to take on the next step of Formula Drift and compete on the big stage.

PRO2-RESULTSAfter qualifying and seeding the bracket drivers set up for their first round of the 2016 season. The sun had set and more fans turned up to watch in the cooler weather.


Top 16 Competition

IMG_3803smallDrivers had looked great in practice with hot track conditions but as the sun had set, the track had cooled down. With cooler asphalt drivers had difficulty compensating for the change. many drivers slid off the track at the first inside clip after carrying to much speed into the course.

Other drivers had difficulty maintaining proximity, some battles looked more like solo runs, while other hit each other multiple times on track. The biggest shock was when both drivers straightened out in the keyhole and the chase driver decided to re-initiate INTO the lead driver.

In the final 4 battle contact by ‘Rad Dan’ and ‘Marc Landreville’, and Formula Drift was forced to call up a rarely used ruling that allowed the broken car to move on. Unable to compete the broken car of ‘Marc Landreville’ forfeited the final battle allowing ‘Jeff Jones’ the number one spot.

This event was disappointing, I am always excited to see driver come up out of the minors and show the fans why they made it this far. This was not that event, these drivers are capable of much better and I hope that this experience will make Orlando will be a better show to the fans.


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