FD Orlando Pro2 Round 2


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Pro2 Round 2


This was the second round for these drivers, many had worked out the kinks after the first event in Atlanta and were looking forward to getting another chance on the big stage.


Practice went well with no major crashes, last year ‘Rad’ Dan Burkett went hard into the wall with his Toyota Supra. This year he was coming from a off a bizarre loss in Atlanta and was looking for redemption.


Also looking for redemption was Trent Beechum in the Falken Tire / JoyHollyWood Ford Mustang, after qualifying 8th in Atlanta, he blew his differential on the start line and was out of competition.


This event was hard for all those involved, the intense heat, and humidity made it harder to focus on driving. Teams also had to adapt to their suspension to handle the bumps from the bank to the inner field.


Jeff Jones in the DOC Racing Nissan had an especially hard time with the bank transition, as he de-beaded 2 tires during qualifying and competition.


Day 2

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