Custom Ford GTT Mustang totaled

This one of a kind Ford GTT made by Zero to 60 debuted at the 2016 SEMA show. Boasting more than 800 horsepower this turbo charged Mustang is a beauty. The custom 22 inch HRE P204 wheels alone are $7000 and brushed in titanium.

The car will be duplicated for sale, production will be limited to 250 cars, prices will range from $120,000-$150,000.

On Thursday 4/20 the car was on track at Irwindale speedway, CA where the driver lost control attempting to drift. The car was sucked into the concrete wall backwards. As the driver fought to stop the car, all 4 wheel locked up.

As the car slammed and lifted into the wall theĀ  driver airbag went off.

Landing on all 4 wheel again the passenger side airbag exploded.

After talking to the owner and designer he said stuff happens, the car was designed to take an impact and that they would be repairing it back to its former glory.

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