Circuit Spirit

‘Keep Drifting Fun’ this expression had turned in to just another hashtag for me. With all the stress of Formula Drift and other ProAm series it had been a while since a I had done a truly ‘fun’ event.


I decided last minute to come out to Circuit Spirit, and I hitched a ride with one of the drivers.  Arrived around 7am I strolled past the trailers, most trailers were singe car, some drifters even drove their cars to the track.

Circuit Spirit events are held at the Camarillo Airport. An extra length of the runway was blocked off and a course was set up. Planes continued to use the rest of the runway, making for some cool shots.The focused energy in the pits I have gotten use to at the competition events was gone. Everyone was moving slower, and more relaxed. Drivers ranged from first time drifters to Pro2 drivers. Many ProAm drifters came out for the same reason I had, to remember the fun. The narrow asphalt was covered in cones as drivers had a 3rd gear initiation into a modified figure ‘6’ full of inside zones. Media had access almost everywhere; a new track and unlimited shooting locations really gave me a chance to find new angles. Groups were set up to help with track time. The beginner group saw drivers getting better with each run.  Without cages they couldn’t tandem but they still had smiles on their faces. This was a reminder that you don’t need an LS and Wise-fab to have a blast. A classic Ford pickup gave it a shot, showing you don’t even need a car to drift.

The advance group was unreal.  At times we ran 7 car trains on this small course. I say ‘we’ because I was lucky enough to get a few rides. The rush of speed, and smoke was something I had forgotten. Driver Rob Carlsen and Rome Charpentier set out to play bumper cars. Leaving tire marks on the doors, I could have reached out and slapped their hoods. This was exactly the recharge I needed and  what ‘Keep Drifting Fun’ means.

This was unfortunately the last event. New FAA rules about emergency runways have forced the Airport to stop the events.I hope that Circuit Spirit will be able to find another venue. Events like these are just as important as competition series. Drivers like media can burn out.  Fun days help us all to remember why we love this sport. Please check out all the pictures in the gallery below, I tried to get shots of most the drivers. Feel free to share, I just ask that you credit and enjoy it!

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