Bentley Flying Spur Las Vegas

IMG_4494smallWhile in Las Vegas we heard about a unique chrome Bentley that had just been sold at auction. The rare 4-Door All Wheel Drive Car, retails new for $225,025 but this lucky new owner picked the car up for just $130,000.

IMG_4504smallWe tagged along as the car was transported from the Manheim auto auction down to its new owner at the Trump Towers.

IMG_4531smallThis car turns heads even in an extravagant town like Las Vegas. During the short trip from the auction to the strip we counted over 40 people taking pictures, a group of construction workers even stopped to take notice.


IMG_4672smallArriving at the hotel we got a chance to give the car a closer look.

IMG_4523smallUnder the hood is a beast of an engine: a 6 liter twin turbo W 12 puts out 616 BHP and 590 Lb Ft. All that power will take you from 0-100 in 4.8 seconds, and keep going to a max speed of 200 MPH.


IMG_4670small20inch rims conceal massive 16 inch rotors that help to control the 5000 Lb car. Even with all that weight this car can move!



IMG_4657smallThe chrome looks perfect surrounded by the gold overlay of Trump Towers. And to the new owner we say ‘let us know if you get bored, we will take it off your hands!’

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